Idaho Falls Car Accident

Frequently Asked Questions

5 Critical Steps to Take After An Idaho Car Crash

Step 1.    Seek prompt medical treatment.  Cooperate with law enforcement and medical personnel  at the car accident scene.  Explain your injury clearly.  If you are not transported to the hospital, see your physician as soon as possible.  Medical treatment helps heal your injuries and also documents it, our Idaho Falls car accident attorneys say.

Step 2.    Listen to the at-fault party at the accident scene.  Ask him/her what they believe caused the automobile accident.  Any answer given can be used in Court at a later time.

Step 3.    Listen to the police officer investigating the car accident in Idaho.  What did he say about the cause of the accident?  Did he issue a citation?  To whom?  Why?

Step 4.    Do not talk to any insurance representative (except from your own company).  If an insurance adjustor asks to record your answers to their questions, refuse!  They often encourage you to admit some fault, like speeding or talking on your cell phone.  If anyone requests a statement, seek legal advice.

Step 5.    Be patient!  Your injuries will take time to heal.  Faithfully follow the treatment plan your physician outlines. [divider]

Idaho Law requires that every owner of an automobile carry liability insurance, but this does not guarantee that the at-fault insurer will take responsibility for the accident or your injuries.

Usually a law enforcement officer will conduct an investigation and issue a citation to the at-fault driver. Cooperate with the officer. If possible, listen to what the at-fault driver says about the cause of the accident. If a citation is issued to the at-fault driver, it will help establish liability.

If injured, or if an injury is suspected, immediately seek medical attention from your urgent care physician or hospital emergency room.

There is no law that requires the at-fault party or his insurance company to pay your medical bills before a settlement is reached. If you have medical coverage through your own auto policy, even though you are not at fault, immediately notify your insurance company. They will pay your bills.

If your auto insurance does not have medical coverage, you should send all bills to your private health insurance carrier. When your claim is resolved, your insurance company will be reimbursed for what it paid from the at-fault party.

If you do not have any insurance, you can still get medical care. The hospital is obligated to provide emergency care regardless of your ability to pay. Most doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists also understand that insurance payments may not be readily available. These providers will usually make payment arrangements with you. When your case is finally resolved they will receive payment.

You may have to use both sick leave and vacation time benefits. Also, there are times when the at-fault party’s insurance company will advance lost wages. Some company insurance policies also carry a disability plan, so if you are injured, it may pay all or part of your wages.

If you have no disability or sick leave benefits, you may have to use your own resources or borrow to meet your living expenses until a final settlement or recovery is made by Idaho Falls car accident attorney.

No. Do not speak with anyone who represents the at-fault party. Do not sign any forms. The danger is that the insurance agent may try to get you to admit fault, to agree that you are not hurt, to talk about pre-existing medical conditions or that their insured is not at fault. Anything that you say to them, whether tape recorded or not, can be used against you in future court hearings. Do not give any information about your injuries or the cause of the Idaho Falls car accident to the at-fault driver or his agent.

If you are not at fault, it is very likely. How much you receive depends on the assessment of fault and your damages. Do not settle if your injuries have not resolved. If you are not satisfied with the offer, consult an attorney.

Our experienced Idaho Falls car accident and injury attorneys will make an accurate assessment of fault and damages and can substantially increase your recovery (money). Most attorneys will delay being compensated for their work until a final resolution is reached.

In complex matters, litigation or mediation may be necessary to get a fair result. This justifies attorney involvement. Most attorneys provide an initial free consultation. The more information you can obtain about the law, your injuries and who is at fault, the better your settlement or final resolution.