Michael G Dustin

Michael G Dustin

With nearly twenty years of legal experience, Michael is committed to representing individuals who have often sustained serious injuries either in the workplace or as a result of negligence of another person.

He recognizes the significant impact, both financial, physical and emotional that these injuries have on people’s lives and the lives of their families.

Very often these injuries cause severe financial stress since they result in people being unable to work to provide for their families. Michael works hard to establish a personal connection with each person he represents. He understand the trust these people place in him and he takes that responsibility very seriously.

Having spent the first several years of his legal career representing employers and their insurers, Michael has a valuable perspective on the difficulties that injured people face when dealing with these large and complex organizations.

He has unique insight into the tactics often employed by insurers to avoid liability and make the claims resolution process difficult and frustrating. Michael’s prior experience gives him abroad perspective that enables him to quickly identify the weaknesses in the insurers case resulting in a better result for his clients.

While Michael works diligently to negotiate sensible outcomes in the best interest of his clients, at times the only avenue for recovery is in the courtroom.

In those instances, Michaels trial experience prepares him to stand up in court and argue vigorously for his clients. Both aggressive and pragmatic in his approach to case resolution, Michael recognizes that insurance companies are fully aware that many attorneys are unwilling and ineffective trial advocates.

Savvy claims adjusters and defense attorneys know that if they push those other attorneys toward the court house, they will ultimately jump on the last best settlement offer even if it may not be the best decision for their client. Michael has proven himself to be a successful trial advocate an has no apprehension about pursuing a case to trial if necessary.

Michael sees the key to successful relationships with clients is effective and timely communication. He spends time getting to know each client and works hard to understand their unique circumstances. He makes himself available to counsel clients about the legal aspects of their cases, but also on the impact those cases have on their lives.

-Michael Dustin