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You may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries, to help pay medical bills, and for unjust pain and suffering. However insurance companies make getting the money you’re rightfully owed very difficult. This is where we can help! Here’s a list of accidents our Idaho Injury Attorneys can help you with.

Why You Need Help From Experienced Idaho Injury Attorneys

We can help you handle the intricate legal framework and uphill battles Idaho accident victims face against greedy, unreasonable insurance companies. good Idaho accident lawyers should help you get more money, faster.

You may need our help if:

  • You are disabled because of your injury in Idaho
  • You cannot find a physician to treat you
  • You are out of work
  • You have unpaid medical bills
  • The insurance company is constantly calling you or making low, unreasonable offers
  • The insurance company refused to pay for your medical bills or lost wages

Over 35 Years Spent Fighting the Insurance Industry and Delivering Knockout Blows

There is a difference between lawyers and law firms. The most distinguishing factor is experience. This is why we’ve gone the “extra mile” to secure a specialty status in personal injury and workers compensation law – this is based on trial hearing experience and peer and judicial review. We’ve also been assessing accident and injury claims for 35 years, which translates into full monetary compensation for our clients.

Skiing and snowboarding accidents: 

Idaho Skiers and snowboarders injured in an accident do assume some risk, but not all. Idaho Ski Resorts must follow ski industry safety standards to mark trails, close runs, blast for avalanches and follow first responder protocol for treating injuries on the hill. These facts are critical to determine fault. An experienced trial attorney can secure facts in your favor.

Construction accidents in Idaho and heavy/ hazardous equipment injuries:

Construction injuries in Idaho often include falling or faulty materials or inadequate warning signs. This could be something as simple as falling debris or tools hitting pedestrians or confusing road signs or cones lining the roadway causing confusion and a car crash. All construction workers have a heightened duty to prevent these mistakes. Construction sites operate under a very specific sets of rules and federal and state regulations (OSHA) and traffic manuals. To prove these cases prompt action must be taken to secure and preserve evidence. Contact an experienced trial attorney.

Semi-truck crashes:

Semi-truck crashes in Idaho can cause tremendous damage simply because of their size. Drivers must follow the usual rules of the road (speed limit, signals, traffic controls) and unique rules specific to professional drivers. These include proper truck lighting, mirrors, cargo weight, brakes and most importantly limited driving hours.

Head injuries from accidents in Idaho:

Idaho head injuries can be life threatening (commonly referred to as traumatic brain injuries) and can be most serious and are the most difficult to recognize. Most start with a loss of consciousness and then manifest with severe headaches or migraines. Behavioral changes may occur such as extreme irritation, anger, lethargy and forgetfulness. Few emergency room physicians diagnose these injuries so it is up to family members to recognize and secure competent medical treatment which should include a neuropsychologist or psychiatrist and a medical doctor. An experienced Idaho trial lawyer will know who to contact.

Boating/ jet ski/ drowning/ swimming accidents:

Boat accidents happen in Idaho. Like cars and have specific written “rules on the water”, including right of way, use of horns and lights, proper size life jackets, tow ropes and flags when water skiing or towing tubes. Often times under aged or inexperienced or inebriated drivers are at the steering wheel when these types of accidents occur. Contact an experienced trial lawyer immediately after an accident to gather the facts to prove liability.

Slip, trip and fall accidents in Idaho: 

Are sometimes difficult to prove. Insurance adjustors commonly seek your admission to fault by asking questions about the shoes you were wearing, whether you were observant, whether you had consumed any medications or alcohol affecting your ability to walk or navigate. Never give a statement to a claims adjustor without an attorney present or under his/her guidance. What you say will be used against you! And for the unwary, these admissions may damage or destroy your case! Call us, your slip, trip and fall attorneys.

Idaho dog bites & dog attack injuries:


have a duty to know if their dog has a propensity to bite, bred to protect and bite or if they have ever bitten another animal or person. Dog bites may result in permanent scarring to the body and especially the face. Scarring or scar removal and all medical damages, including a resulting fear of dogs, is compensable. The experienced trial lawyer will assure all pertinent facts are gathered and presented.

Pedestrian collisions:

have right of way, but only in the pedestrian cross walks in accord with the proper crossing signal. Remember, pedestrians always loose the battle with cars. Head injuries frequently result. Gathering witness statements is critical to establish vehicle and pedestrian location. Many times an expert is necessary to determine proper cross walk signals and signage. Contact an experienced trial attorney to have to determine what experts are needed.

Defective / unsafe products:

– can be anything you use that carries an unforeseeable risk or danger. It can be as simple as an over pressurized can or bottle which explodes in your face. It can be a foreign object in your food (like pieces of bone in your hamburger or a used band aid in your French fries – these are actual examples!). It could a failure to warn of exposed moving conveyor belts or pinch points. Usually independent experts are needed to prove product defects. Your experienced trial attorney can locate and retain experts to properly prove your case.

Bicycle/bike accident in Idaho:

Bikers have the same duty to follow the “rules of the road”, as do cars, with narrow exceptions (riding on sidewalks or slowing rather than stopping at traffic control devices to name a few). The problem with bicyclists is that they are so difficult to see! Motorists simply forget to look and may pull out in front of them or hit them. A fall to the pavement with or without a helmet may result in serious head injuries. Fault will always be an issue. Contact your experienced trial attorney for assistance.

Wrongful Death Accidents in Idaho: 

Can occur in multiple ways like car crashes, product defect, medication overdose, medical mistakes, etc. Death claims are different from an injury claim as it may include many family members affected by the loss of a parent or spouse. Funeral expenses, lost wages and loss of association and life insurance benefits may be obtained with proper documentation. Contact an experienced trial attorney to assure all aspects of recovery are considered.

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